Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Towing a bike with an Xtracycle bike

Ok I was reading in the Yahoo Group called "Rootsradicals" about how some folks did some creative stuff with hitches on their X's. Then it hit me "Hey I have that old front fork doo-hicky." So with some gorrilla tape to thicken up the diameter of the "No step" bar I attached my fork holder. Well the Gorilla tape started to twist so I McGivered zip ties to prevent it from sagging under load. A more permanent solution would be needed long term. I also learned that the towed bike will tend to sway all the to the ground. A rootsrad posting explained this and I thought of a solution. Wide loader tie straps from xtracycle.com.org they are so very cool and thought out see this link (Cam Straps) So I tried out the whole get up and found that I can tow a bike with a bike. Yes it swayed so with some adjustments I got it to a manageable point. But word of warning! I tested it w/o being cliped in at the pedals and rode around a lot at slow speeds. It can be a very dangerous thing so double check all connections and straps before you take off. It would have been easier if I had the double kick stand "kickback"

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Protestivist said...

thanks for the linkbacks, carl! rock on and glad to see a total DIT/DIY spin on the NItto Lamp option.