Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clockwork ride went, well like Clockwork

Yeah Dudes and Dudettes the ride was sweet.

Adrian was smiles proud PaPa of a new Bright Orange (Single Speed). We rode and Adrian Hammered some hills I was on e-assist for most so I still needed to work my stuff later. In all it was nice and exciting to be part of an inaugural ride! On the way back I chose a big hill on Cannon to climb, yeah I got a work out. As I approached Robbers peak and the dirt road trail, I pulled an Adrian(1) and said ("f"  it) lets go! I needed to use up more battery power  before a next recharge. OK e-assist the hill should be easy - Not!
Half way up I lost traction almost tipped over and stopped. Now it's "hike-a-bike time for a piece pushing close to 300 lbs up hill. Yeah it sucks and yeah I got a work out. But at the top I hammered down and it was all good.

(1) I am refering to (F - it) being a term of endearment a sense of Being at One with the road. A website called has a very good explainer on this whole concept explain what  "Get Off the F-ing road" really means. Read here.
I would like to credit SiouxGeonz for having a link to this on one of her blogs.

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