Monday, September 29, 2008

Protect your Banana?

What the heck is this???


I am bonkers for Bananas you gotta protect your Banana!

This is just one Part of the equipment of  Jim and Cathy's Southern Tier Tour 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flexi Ties

What does a man saving a baby turtle have to do with an Xtracycle?

Today while shopping at Ace Hardware store I found to types of flexi Ties.
One called Urashima Taro wire and the other by Grip twist. It turns out that the company name Urashima Taro is an Old japanese legend about a man who saves a baby turtle who is actually a Princess. See the wiki here, but how that relates to twisted wire is anyones guess.

I bought the two types because of length differences and to hold my cables from all my e-assit equipment in place without having to replace zip ties if I ever replace different components. The other reason is that they are light yet strong, the Grip twist holds 100 lbs. yet just weighs only a few onces. They are reusable and have many uses and on a xtracycle you can come up with hundreds of ways to carry things with it.

The websites for the two companies are:

I was thinking that for touring and carrying water in large quanities the long 34 inch griptwist could support a gerry rigged water hose from water bags way in the back. So all you would have to do is run a clear hose back to your water source (large Dromedary bag ) in the (Freeloaders)
up front the flexi wire can hold the the water tube upright and high enough to suck on like a straw. So the benefits would be that you water weight would be down low keeping the Center of Gravity low (CG). Drinking as you would from a camel back.

So if your water was iced down back there in a small ice chest ( hey after all weight isn't a worry it's an xtracycle) you could drink cool water on your ride.
: )


Being a relatively new Xtracycle adopter/owner and enthusiast I decided to start blogging about it. This will have stuff about Xtracycling, cycling in general and news and information about cool things happening in this space. And oh yes we will go off Topic occasionally. It is intended to eclectic and crazy at times.