Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Bike Burrito is here!

 Leave it to Russ Roca to come up with a simply awesome invention!

Way to Go!  Russ and Jayme!

Bike Burrito san beans and cheese.

Russ Roca Photography - The eco-friendly Photographer

Bike Burritos make a good combination with Big Dummy's.

Russ Roca es el Burrito Genious de la bici, y el tomara su cuadro tambien!

Tesla had the answers to Energy problems 100 years ago

Born in 1856 - Nikola Tesla had the answers to the planets Energy problems decades ago. After his death his files were taken by the government and keep from public view. 

PART 5/5 SEE the others in YouTube:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Solar powered xmas lights on my xtracycle!

Okay folks I went to Home Depot to get Xmas light for the "House" well some how they ended up on my bike!

How'd that happen? They are Solar powered! Yes very sweet Ed Begley would be proud as would Bill Nigh, Not what ever his name.

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