Monday, November 3, 2008

A girl with a lot of gusto!

Something new and exciting to check out:
I am not an Ultra-Racer, give me a loaded Big Dummy and time to travel - I am there.
But some folks ride to race and race to ride. I suppose the motivations are many. But for one young Lady. She took riding to a whole new level. If it has Ultra in it, she's doing it. She has epilepsy, but you would never guess it by her riding achievements and incredible attitude. She truly is living the change she wants to be in the world.... 
and be inspired!

"Be the Change you want to see in the World"



DouBt KILLS DReaMs said...

Wow dude. Thanks.

Hey, if your into a tour...would you be up for doing the Great Divide Race, or Tour divide? What type of tour type stuff are ya into?

Kwikfile said...


I commute mostly now. I have some Sub24Hr stuff planned. The Southern Tier Tour or basically any of the Adventure Cycling Touring would be nice. May do a trip to Albuquerque this Summer. But just riding anywhere is generally cool. I want to crew for the 508 too. It just looked fun.