Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well today we woke to another round of urban fires here in Southern California. Like the
Santa Ana winds that come at this time of year so do the fires now. They are real regular.
As different neighborhoods were being evacuated stores began to close and the look and
feel of my environment became smokey and dark. The kinda dark you get during an
eclipse an eery odd darkening. I noticed the streets got crowded with cars of people
frantically leaving there homes not knowing what was going to happen or if and when they
can return. So at my mobil gas station that no longer pumped gas because of the fire
danger, I wondered how much easier it would be if we people were using bicycles to
escape the area. An xtracycle would be perfect for lots of folks and there would be far less
issues with congestion.

So here I sit listening to the helicopters fly over my home to the reservoir and back again
to get water and dose flames. It has happened so much today like hundreds of times, I can
imagine that I am in that movie scene in Apocalypse Now and Martin Sheen is in his hotel
room listening to a helicopter blade sounds getting louder and louder. (I regressed)
So again in good times or in bad, bicycles have a place to be useful.

I hope the folks that had damage are ok and safe...


"Be the Change you want to see in the World"


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