Friday, October 3, 2008

Have you ever secretly wanted to ride a Penny Farthing?

High Wheels are not "Cargo or Long Bikes but there is something about a Penny!

I will let my secret out...
I want to own a Penny Farthing. You know the high bikes with a "Penny" in the rear and a "Farthing" in the front.  what got me interested in this is a story I read about a british young man who rode around the world on a Penny Farthing. I just think they are "really neat" sounds corny huh? Yes but the cool factor is way high plus just imagine one with Rock the bike's Down Low Glow Dual - Oh Man !
Have you ever even ridden a Penny or would like to?

Some interesting Penny links:

and Crazy Guy on a bike blog about "A Penny Farthing World Tour"

"Be the Change you want to see in the World"


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Anonymous said...

Err, surely the Penny is the front (large) wheel, since farthing's were tiny...